Styles for the Inverted Triangle– Carrot Shape

Styles for an Inverted Triangle—or Carrot shape

 A Carrot shape looks like an inverted triangle.

Caterpillar Skirt

Colorful extured skirt and neutral fitted top make this a good choice for the inverted triangle body shape. Skirt $72. at Shabby Apple

You are broader at the shoulders and bust and slimmer at waist and hips.  Often carrot shapes are athletic looking with strong looking shoulders and have good legs.

Sometimes the line from shoulder to feet is pretty straight… without much indent for a waist.  Carrots often have a full bust… but sometimes it is smaller and the shoulders provide the width.

There can be a complete size difference between your top and bottoms.  Merchants know this and sell many items as separates.

You have an awesome body shape!  Clothes hang well on you. You can gain a few pounds and no one will ever know.  It’s easy to add the accents to create a pleasing line and shape.

Famous inverted triangles are Alyssa Milano, Dolly Parton, Lucy Lui, Rachel Ray, Kelly Clarkson, Naomi Campbell, Teri Hatcher, Demi Moore, Giselle Bundchen, Lily Donaldson, and Cindy Crawford

 Proportion and Shape for the Inverted Triangle


V-neck wrap dress with contrast waist gives hourglass figure to inverted triangle shaped body. $98 at Shabby Apple

 The body type you have is the ideal one for you.

“Many women want an hourglass figure. If you aren't naturally born with one all the exercising and dieting in the world isn't going to change that. It may make you the thinnest most in shape inverted triangle you have ever been, but it isn't going to make you an hourglass,” says Theresa O'Hagan, author of Fashion Tips and Tricks for Inverted Triangles.

Here are tips and styles to help you balance your body—so it doesn’t look top heavy.  There are several things to think about. If you are petite, small busted, large busted, or have a short distance between bust and hip, you need to add in these shape needs as well.

To get a thorough and detailed program of styles specific for your EXACT body shape go here:

Sandy Fox

Generally you’ll want to minimize your shoulder and bust area and add detail to hips and lower area.  This is especially true if you are large busted as well as broad shouldered.

When you define your waist and add curves to your bust and hip area, you appear to have an hourglass figure.

Fit is important. You may have to buy a blouse one size larger and then take in the side seams below the bust to get an attractive look.  It’s better than too tight… or too baggy.

 Color and Texture for the Inverted Triangle

Darker colors receded.  Bright colors bring forward or attract attention.  You’ll wear darker colors on the top and go wild with colors below the bust line.

You’ll likely choose drapey and more fitted styles and fabrics for your top and more nubbly, interesting and bulkier fabrics for the bottoms.

 Tops for the Inverted Triangle

White Poplin Surplice  With Black Belt Top

V-neck and high belt flatters an Inverted Triangle shaped body. Soft vertical lines slenderize. $42. at Torrid

Deep V-necks are very flattering.  They narrow the shoulders.  Use contrast layering to accentuate the deep V.  Create a V effect with open buttoned shirts, a scarf, or jewelry.

Scoop necks add interest and draw the eye to the face.  A cowl neck can slenderize. Boat neck or wide scoop, on the other hand, creates a horizontal line that broadens the shoulders.

A princess line creates curves. A wrap style is very becoming and accents the waist.

Vertical seams, buttons, plackets, or pin-tucking slenderizes the top.  Keep your jacket or sweater open for a vertical look, or button a lower button for that plunging V-neck style.

If you have a long neck and small bust, you can get away with higher necklines.  With a full bust you’re better off avoiding t-shirts, crew necks and turtle necks.  If you wear them, create a v-effect with line, layering, or accessories.

Shoulder pads are not your friends.  Remove them—unless you have excessively sloping shoulders (3” drop).  A good bra will add shape and curve.  You’ll feel more attractive with that lift.

If you layer—you are better off with wide straps than spaghetti straps.

Dresses for the Inverted Triangle

Keep the design and color on the top simple.  Place color and details at waist or hip… or wear eye-catching shoes to balance the body.

A-line dresses are flattering.

Empire waist dresses and wrap dresses are very good on your body type.

Soft dresses with drapey fabrics take attention from the shoulder and skim your frame.  Avoid boxy, rigid fabrics unless they are very well tailored.

Sheath dresses, bias cut dresses, and shirtwaist dresses look well.

Look for styles that fit well in the shoulders and bust, then flair at or below the waist.  Avoid those that cut in or narrow after the hips.

For your personal look, check out:
Sandy Fox

Bottoms for the Inverted Triangle

You want to accent your lower half to balance.  Have fun!  Use belts, pockets, and hip details.  Wear ruffles, pleats, tiered skirts. You get to enjoy angled hems, prints, textures, and horizontal stripes on this part of your body.

Virgin Wool/Cotton Trousers

textured fabric and loose fit make these trousers ideal for the Inverted Triangle body shape. Wool makes them warm in the coldest weather. $168 Hessnatur

For skirts choose A-line or fuller skirts.  Gathered skirts look great.

Avoid too short skirts as they’ll make you look top heave.

Pencil skirts add to the narrow look to the lower body accenting your carrot shape.  If you really, really want to wear pencil skits, have the seams fall straight from the hips—don’t let them narrow after the hips.

For pants choose boot leg or flair leg to balance the shoulders. Wide legged pants, trouser pants, and cargo pants look great on you.

Avoid skinny jeans.  If you wear fitted jeans, use bright shoes to balance the body.

As you work to find styles that fit your personality, modesty, and body type, you may choose to find your unique, personal style here.

 Outerwear for the Inverted Triangle

Wear jackets that nipped in at the waist and flair below waist. Choose styles with narrower lapels and a deep V neck.  They can be short—stopping at the hip bone, or down to the break-of-leg depending on your height and proportions.

Virgin Wool Cropped Jacket

Contrasting jacket with long narrow lapels slims shoulders. Cropped jacket adds width to hips. $228. Long necklace adds to vertical line. Great for Inverted Triangle shaped body. See more at Hessnatur

Avoid lots of detail at shoulders.

 Use accents at the hipline—pockets, low slung belts, color or design, etc.

 Trench coats and belted jackets look great on you.

 When you carry your sweater, tie it at the neck with the sleeves making a deep V.

 Swimsuits for the Inverted Triangle

Choose suits with wider straps.  Of course you know by now that a V-neck or scoop neck is attractive on you.

Keep the top a neutral color.  Add zest with bright colored bottoms.  Have the bottom cut straight across and add ties, ruffles, details, or interest there to balance.

 Accessories for the Inverted Triangle

Be the queen of awesome shoes.  Eye catching shoes balance the body

Belts are your friend.  Have fun with them.  Make them wide and interesting.

Necklaces can be long and dangling.  Look for length instead of width.

Once your scarf is wrapped around your neck, let the end dangle or tie a low knot to create a vertical or V-look.  Or use that bright scarf for a waist accent.

You are awesome!  You have a great figure type.  You look good in lots of clothes.  Find your style items that make you the most attractive.  Add in your modest fashion personality.  You'll feel beautiful, stylish, and modest.



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