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Analyze your figure to discover the clothing styles to flatter your figure

You can stand in front of a mirror and guess.  But. It’s really hard to look at ourselves objectively.

Here’s an easy way to look at a drawing and clearly see the results.

1. Take some butcher paper or wrapping paper and hang it on the wall.  It needs to be taller than you are and wider than you are.

2.  Grab a friend, a pencil and a yard stick.

3. You’ll get more accurate results if you are dressed in snugger clothes, or a bathing suit. Take three pieces of string or yarn.  Wrap them around: 1.bust line at the fullest point.  2. Slimmest part of your waist.  3. Fullest part of your hips.

4.  Mark on the paper these 10 places:

Top of head

Just below each ear

At the chin (okay, don’t stab through the neck… just mark it off to one side.)

At the base of the neck just before it widens—on each side.

At the end of the shoulders

At the under arms

At the fullest part of your bust line

At your waist

At your hips (this is where the leg bends)

At your knee (again, where the knee bends in back.)

At the floor… okay… that’s # 11.

5. Now step away and connect the dots.

Sketch in the head.

Lines for the neck.

Take the yardstick and make lines across the body at all measured points from the neck down.

Take the yardstick and connect the dots:

1. from neck to shoulder

2. from shoulder to waist

3. from waist to hip.

4. from hip to floor

Record your measurements on the Body Type Chart

It should look something like this:


Figure Analysis Chart

Measure your body to learn your proportions and what clothes look best on you.

Ideal vs. REAL

Stylist talk of the “perfect” 9 heads tall person (Take the length of your head—the rest of your body is 8/9 of your total height.) Most people are closer to 8 heads tall).  They talk of an “hourglass figure”… that only 8% of women have.

This sketch lets you look at your proportions rather than just measurements or weight.  It lets you know which clothes will look best on you.

You can see if:

-- Your legs are long (more than ½ body height between foot and hip) or short.

-- You have a long or short torso.

-- If your shoulders are square (1” drop) average (2” drop) or sloped (more than 2.5”).

-- If your bust line is high (1” drop from underarm) normal (2” drop) or low (more than 2.5” drop).

Each of these body individualities allows you to shine in some clothes… and may make you want to avoid other clothes.

Check out What Fruit are You?  To see body proportions and how they help with style choices.


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