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Discover the Most Attractive, Modest & Beautiful YOU!

Imagine walking into a room knowing you look great. You feel confident. You know your clothes are your best color and style.

People smile when they see you. They come over and want to get to know you better.

Your style is so unique and right for you, when friends see an outfit, they’ll say, “Oh, that looks just like you!” (and text you and tell you where to find it.)

Teen Style U is about YOU.

How can you:

*Look your best

* Feel confident

* Learn how to dress for your body type in styles that wow your friends.

* Discover your fashion personality and create a style that’s uniquely you.

* Find colors that make you look great—every time you put them on!

* Quickly collect a wardrobe of mix-and-match clothes so you KNOW you always look good.

* Easily explain to others why you choose to be modest.

* Be fun, fashionable, and faithful.

Teen Style U is a University.

Girl, you read through Teen Style U and you’ll know more about fashion and style than 99% of your friends. You’ll know:

* How to mix and match to create a great wardrobe. A few carefully chosen clothes can look like you own a closet full! – So you always look great and you save money.

* How to choose the perfect accessories. How small things can make you look stunning… or friendly… you choose.

* Fabric and Fabric Care. How the right fabric will carry confidence and poise. And the right care will make you look and feel attractive every day.

* Why modesty matters… and who is choosing modesty.

* Best places to buy modest clothes… and cute clothes… and stylish clothes. Oh, and they’re all the same clothes!

* A safe community and support of friends.

You were designed to be your own kind of beautiful.

As you go through Teen Style U, you’ll learn your best features and how to accent them. You’ll find inner beauty that attracts better people than just good looks.

You’ll learn fashion sense and style and what looks great on you. You’ll have confidence to have your own personal style and carry it with grace.

Then, each time you dress, you will feel good. You’ll know you look your best. Your poise and self-assurance will attract others.

Your influence will make this world a better place.

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